What is Google AdSense and How To Start Making Money With It

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What Is Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a website which gives you a chance to make money online with your page. You can use Adsense with any website, it can be free blogger.com website or self hosted html site or wordpress blog.

When talking about Adsense it's important to know what these terms mean:

Page Impressions: The number of ad views. Ex. If you have 3 ad blocks on your page, and your got 30 visits, 90 page impressions were generated
CTR (Click Through Rate): The amount of users who click your ads in %. Ex. If you got 100 page impressions and 2 clicks, then your CTR is 2%
eCPM (average cost per 1000 impressions) - it depends on the cost per click. If you get ~$0.2 per click, then eCPM for 100 page impressions with CTR of 2% would be 4$

How Does AdSense Work?
As soon as you register with Google Adsense you will be given an account log in. When you log in to your account, you can create ads. There are 3 types of ads being served at Google Adsense.
AdSense for Content - lets you display ads that are targeted to your site's content or audience.
These are divided into s (Ad units can contain text ads, image ads or the combination of the latter ones. These ad units are targeted to the content of your page. The page in being scanned by google, before link units appear) and Link Units (Each link unit shows a large list of topics (popular searches) that are relevant to the page of your website. When this link is clicked by a user, a new page of related ads opens up.)
These ad types pay you for every click made on the ad block. You can pick between various sizes and ad colors. It's very easy to blend adsense ads into content.
AdSense for Search - Offer your users on site search or Google web search and make money online from ads showing up on your pages.
Very usefull tool to have on every website. You will earn money when users search your website and click generated advertisements on the search page.

AdSense for Feeds - Place relevant ads in Google feeds.

Feeds are getting very popular at the moment, so you've got to use these too.

How Much Can I Earn With Google Adsense?

It depends on your website traffic and promotion skills. You can start earning right away by creating an account on blogger.com. It's super easy, a lot of people earn hundreds of dollars with adsense and blogger.com. Just pick a niche and start making money today.