Archos A70H2

This is the HDD-based brother of the A70S2 (S=solid-state) which appeared on the FCC database earlier this month.

As with the A70S2, the internal model number identifies it as a successor to the Generation 8 Archos 7 Internet Tablet. This means it is an Archos-designed tablet. In recent years Archos has sold an increasing number of products designed in collaboration with their Chinese partners (Home Tablet, Vision PMPs, etc), unfortunately these lower-quality products have diluted the Archos brand name.

It appears that Archos has recognised this error and will move most of these products to the Arnova brand-name. It remains to be seem if this move has come too late.

The changes for this model are as yet unknown. Archos did not announce any 7" models as part of its Generation 9 line-up. Furthermore the internal model designation 8701B suggests it is not a new product, just a minor revision. So it is very likely that A70S2 and A70H2 are just software-upgraded Gen8 Internet 7 Tablets.