Archos release firmware updates for Gen6, Gen7, Gen8

Today Archos released firmware updates for the following products:

-Generation 6 2008 (Archos 5, Archos 7)
-Generation 7 2009 (Archos 5 Android)
-Generation 8 2010 (Archos 28, Archos 32, Archos 43, Archos 70, Archos 101)

A welcome addition to the Gen6 and Gen7 devices is support for MKV header compression (already added to the Gen8 devices).

The firmware updates for the Gen6 and Gen7 devices affirm Archos' commitment to support previous generation devices beyond their EOL, and this should prove encouraging to potential buyers of current generation products.

Archos have been at the forefront of portable video players for almost 10 years. Archos devices remain among the very few portable media players to natively support the MKV video container. This is the most popular container for modern, high-defintion content due to it's wide codec support.

The full changelist and download links are available on Archos website.